Second Hand and Used Cars for Sale and Rent in Bangkok

At Siam Motor World we specialise in finding new and used cars for the Expat community in Thailand. As the best car brokers in Bangkok you can trust Siam Motor World’s 10 years of experience to find you the cheapest finance deal available. Whatever you’re looking for, from Ford to Ferrari we find the best quality, inexpensive used cars and the best deals around for new cars in Bangkok.

Specialists Expat Car Brokers in Bangkok

We are the car brokers of choice in Bangkok, our 20 years of experience and dual language expertise enables us to stay informed and adapt with the ever changing regulations. Whether it’s finance, paperwork, transfer of registration, insurance, tax or any of the legal aspects of buying or selling a car, we have you covered!

Specialists Expat Car Rentals in Bangkok

If you’re a non-Thai national, then renting or getting finance can be a bit more difficult. Our team here at Siam Motor World have native English and Thai speaking experts to help you rent a car easily and quickly. whether you’re looking for a hatchback, saloon, 4WD truck or a hybrid we have top quality cars only, ranging from Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda and Nissan. with deals available for long and short term rentals.

Siam Motor World
Servicing the motoring needs of Expats in Thailand.

We are a Bangkok based company run by a British and a Thai manager who have over 10 years experience working in the Thailand Expatriate motor trade.

We provide specialist services to Expats and visitors. Our wide range of services include:

The sale of new cars and 4x4s direct from the manufacturer
Used cars and 4x4s either from Expats advertising on our website or sourced from the local market.
Monthly rental.
Service and maintenance.
Import and export of vehicles and accessories.
Local sale of accessories for all cars and 4x4s.


  • User

    Thank you to Siam Motor World for your honest and straightforward services. Buying a used car was made simple and I what appreciated most were the extra efforts you and your team made to ensure that the entire process was performed thoroughly. I highly recommend Siam Motor World to anyone who wants to buy a reliable car at a reasonable price with excellent service.

    CC, Tak

  • User

    I bought a car advertised on the Siam Motor World website just after I moved to Thailand and really had no idea what was involved in purchasing a second-hand vehicle over here. Tim acted as an intermediary between me and the seller but he also made himself available to offer advice on the car and talk me through the process of having the registration transferred into my name. I was so pleased with the level of service that when it came time for me to sell the car I readvertised with Tim. Once again I was really impressed by how generous he was with his advice, including on the optimum sale price for the market, what documents I would need to have ready to complete the transfer as well as acting as my agent at the motor registry when transferring the car to the new owner while I was tied up at work. He is a trustworthy agent and really helped me to minimise the risk and fuss of buying a second-hand car in Thailand.

    SS, Bangkok

  • User

    I recently bought a new car in Bangkok. I bought the car sight unseen from pictures on their website and through discussion over the phone with Tim. The car was accurately described and frankly in better condition than expected. I picked it up and then drove it 1200km to the southernmost point of Thailand. I heartily recommend Siam Motorworld and will go back to them again.

    RF Sunghai Kolok

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