We can handle all of your paperwork requirements.

Our services include:
  • Transfer of registration from seller to buyer
  • Change of address
  • Compulsory government tax and insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Alterative personal number plates
  • Registration of imported vehicles
  • Transfer from diplomatic plates
  • Driving licenses
  • Car passports
  • Work permits

Notes: New car registration typically takes around 4 weeks, in the interim we provide temporary red registration plates free of charge, when the white plates arrive with the blue registration book and the tax and compulsory government insurance tax stickers, we will deliver or post (registered) these to you depending on your location. The red plates must be returned to us.

We can update your compulsory government tax and insurance using only the blue registration book and rubbings of your chassis number. It is possible to update the yearly tax with a copy of the registration book but it is preferable to use the original as the renewal details are printed in the back of the book.

Cars over 7 years old are required to be checked before both registration transfer and renewal of compulsory government tax and insurance. This is a basic check to make sure the chassis and engine numbers match up. This only costs around 300 Baht and takes about 20 minutes.

We offer different levels of insurance cover. For cars under 7 years old it is recommended to take first class comprehensive insurance. The typical policy will cover all legal drivers for all eventualities. We work closely with a number of insurance companies to be able to offer very competitive prices at whichever level you would like to insure your car.

For cars over 7 years old the maximum cover you can opt for is second class insurance. This covers you in the event of a crash, if the car is stolen or if you hit a pedestrian. The main difference from first class is that it does not cover you if you damage your car yourself, for example running into your gate post. There is also third class insurance which is not very popular and pays for the damage to the other car in the event of a crash. It may be possible to gain first class insurance on a car over 7 years old by paying a higher premium or if you continue with the same insurance company without any break in cover. We can also provide extra insurance cover for your modifications; if you have an expensive audio unit or body kit it is possible with some policies to insure them as the standard policies cover the standard car without modification.

If you would like a personalized number plate then you are very restricted. There are the ‘lucky’ numbers that are very expensive and there are the ‘beautiful’ numbers that are also highly priced. If you have a 4 digit number that you would like we can request it for you. The cost will depend on availability and popularity.

If you are exporting a car from Thailand it is imperative that the documentation is complete. If not you will find yourself with heavy tax payments at the other end. This must be done by a registered export company like ourselves. The car is actually de-registered and put in the export company’s name to ready it for export.

If you would like to import a car into Thailand then it is very important you do your homework first. It is always very costly. The tax rates are very high. If you decide to move ahead we have people who can help with your import license, customs clearance, document preparation and negotiation of import tax payments.

If you want to buy or sell a car that is on blue diplomatic plates, we can help you to have the registration changed to standard white plates. There are different documents required. If the car has been imported tax free it must be in country for a minimum of 5 years before it can be sold on the open market otherwise the full import tax rate is payable. These cars are generally sold to other people with tax free status.

Having a Thai driving license is recommended. Your insurance is only valid with a Thai driver’s license or an international driving permit. If you have your local license the police will accept it for your first 6 months in country and it may even be possible to make an insurance claim. However it is recommended you have a Thai driving license so the insurance company would not have an excuse to refuse to pay out. If you already have a full driving license you do not need to take a driving test. You have to do a few reaction and vision tests then you are given a one year license. After one year is up you can then swap that for a 5 year driving license. If you don’t already have a full driving license you will be required to take the Thai driving test, both written and practical. This is not impossible to pass as many would tell you, the procedure has been refined to make it easier for Expats. To get a Thai drivers license you will need a valid visa, work permit or embassy letter (see: registering a car in Thailand) and a recent medical certificate. We offer a service to take you there and assist you through the tests where we can.

If you would like to take your car outside of Thailand then your car will need to have its own passport to be able to bring it back in without difficulty, we can get these for you from the department of transport. To get these you must own the car outright in your own name. If your car is under finance or rented then you cannot take it across a border legally.

We have recently started to offer a service to help you with your work permit. If you have a new company or your company does not offer work permit assistance we offer a service to compile the necessary documentation, submit the application and take you to immigration or the Department of Labour as necessary until you have your work permit and visa in hand. We cannot help with work permits if you are not working or your company will not issue the relevant documentation.

Registering a car in Thailand

To register a car in your own name you will need the following:

Passport: We will need copies of the photograph page, current visa page and most recent stamp page of your passport, a car can registered with any visa, tourist, non-immigrant “O” “B” or retirement visa. (all copies must be signed in blue pen and be actual size copies, black and white or colour)

Work Permit: Copies of every page of your work permit (all copies must be signed in blue pen). For those without a work permit you will need either:

Embassy Letter: Your Embassy will provide you with a signed document confirming your address in Thailand. If you explain to them you are buying or selling a car they will know exactly what to do. You will need to take along your passport and proof of address. Typically costs for these range from 500-2,000 Baht


Immigration letter: if you are outside of Bangkok you can go to your local immigration office and they can provide you with a letter confirming your address as above. You will need to take along your passport and proof of address. Typically these will cost around 350 Baht. If you live in Phuket you can only register your car at the Phuket Land Transport office. They issue different forms from the rest of the country.

To register a car in your Thai Husband’s/Wife’s name: We will need copies of his/her ID card and a copy of his/her house registration document “Tabian Baan”. We will provide the all the other relevant documents to sign.

To Register a car in a company name: We will need a copy of the company registration papers, copies of the identification card and house registration papers of the owner/owners of the company if the owner/s is Thai, or copies of the work permit/s and passport/s if the owner/s of the company is/are foreign. All documents must be stamped with the company stamp and signed by either the owner of the company or the person with the power to sign official documents.

You should also be aware that all transfer and registration costs are double if a car is registered in a company name, also the annual tax is doubled.

You also need to sign transfer forms and a power of attorney form for the Department of Transport. We have these at our office and can email them for you to print out if necessary. We also have copies of the Thai vehicle sales contract.

If you are selling your car then you need to produce the same documents as if you were buying a car.

Notice: Cars can only be registered under one name, either personal or business. It is not possible to register the car in the name of more than one person, even if you are married.

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