RF Sunghai Kolok

I recently bought a new car in Bangkok. I bought the car sight unseen from pictures on their website and through discussion over the phone with Tim. The car was accurately described and frankly in better condition than expected. I picked it up and then drove it 1200km to the southernmost point of Thailand. I heartily recommend Siam Motorworld and will go back to them again. RF Sunghai Kolok

CC, Tak

Thank you to Siam Motor World for your honest and straightforward services. Buying a used car was made simple and I what appreciated most were the extra efforts you and your team made to ensure that the entire process was performed thoroughly. I highly recommend Siam Motor World to anyone who wants to buy a reliable car at a reasonable price with excellent service. CC, Tak

Hi Tim and Yai,

Just a short note to say thank you for the great big efforts over the past few months with regards to Buying the Beemer, financing the Beemer, selling and getting the paperwork sorted on the 1198, picking up and selling the Ducati 749, break down service with the Beemer and all the other issues and troubles that have occured in the last 9 months. Your service is wonderful, and much appreciated. Yai: I rarely get a chance to see or talk to you. Your efforts with Ratchthani Leasing, insurance and everything else have been excellent, and I am most grateful to you for all your hard work! Cheers! JF Hua Hin

AS Bangkok

I recently bought a car – a 4 year old Honda Civic – from Siam Motor World. I cannot fault Tim and his team. They sorted all of the paperwork for me for a nominal fee. But most importantly, they instilled a feeling of confidence in me that is rare to find in the 2nd hand car world, let alone the second-hand car world as an expat with a relatively poor grasp of the local language. I twice presented Tim with the opportunity to scare me off; once when I asked if I could take the car of interest to a local test centre to check the engine and the second time when I asked if it was ok to bring a car expert with me to give the car a once over. Tim did not bat an eyelid and even commended me on these actions, saying it’s exactly what he’d do if buying a second-hand car. When I come to sell my current car I will use these guys again. And I will go straight to them if looking for another car. Brilliant! AS Bangkok

CM Bangkok

I cannot thank Tim and the Siam Motor Wolrd staff enough for their help in selling my car. They were always very prompt in response to any questions I had – nothing was too much trouble, the whole process was made very clear to me from the onset and throughout and the car was sold within a week. The transaction as a whole, was done extremely efficiently! I would not hesitate to recommend Tim and his guys at Siam Motor World to assist in buying, selling or even repairing your car. Thanks again guys and all the best. CM Bangkok

CLB Bangkok

Have had a great experience purchasing our car through Siam Motor World. Tim was knowledgeable and very efficient at finding the right car for us. Provided all the information and more, about getting license etc. Most impressed with service and extras, having our car seat bolts installed for example. CLB Bangkok

BR Hua-Hin

The process was a nightmare–so many options, so many con-artists and car sellers trying to pull a fast one. Was really nervous about doing the deal. We called in Tim to look at 2 possibilities…… The first one was our favorite. After watching Tim and Yai go over the car for 5 minutes the dealer literally walked away–he knew he was selling a lemon, and within 5 minutes he could tell the game was up–thanks to The guys. The 2nd car fared MUCH better. The owner wasn’t delighted about having Tim and Yai there, but at the end of the day even he commented on their professionalism and asked how much we were paying them for the job. They suggested we do the deal and we did…… But they did not just walk away, not these guys! They went with us to the title change handover, arranged first class insurance for us, and even talked us through some of the specifics we need to keep in mind for our new (to us) car. Total cost for all of their consultancy and assistance was THB7500 (3/4 of a day) and even my money-conscious Thai wife agrees that it was money well spent. If you need to buy a used car in Bangkok, there are 2 options from my point of view: become a mechanic to spot potential issues and spend years learning the local “Tricks of the trade” or call in Tim–I know which one I’d do. BR Hua-Hin

Dave M

I used Siam Motor World to sell a pick up I needed to sell quickly and they found a buyer for me in a matter of days. I can highly recommend Siam Motor World for anyone wanting to sell their second hand car. Dave M

BS, Bangkok

‘A very big thank you to Siam Motor World and Tim in particular for delivering a fantastic service from my initial contact to driving away in my new car. Nothing was too much trouble and every one of my requests and alterations to search criteria was met with a smile and an immediate response. Their service really stands above the other companies that I have used in Bangkok and would highly recommend Siam Motor World to anyone who is in the market looking to rent or buy either a new or a quality used car. Not only have they been able to find me a car that met all my requirements but also have managed to negotiate a very good deal. And two years down the line I continue to use their services on a constant basis for arranging servicing through an authorized dealer, tax renewal, insurance renewal, insurance claims, driver’s license extension and after market improvements and modifications. In my opinion a fantastic company to deal with who are very likely to find you a car that you are looking for and most importantly being a One-Stop-Shop for all your motoring needs in Thailand.’ BS, Bangkok

SS, Bangkok

I bought a car advertised on the Siam Motor World website just after I moved to Thailand and really had no idea what was involved in purchasing a second-hand vehicle over here. Tim acted as an intermediary between me and the seller but he also made himself available to offer advice on the car and talk me through the process of having the registration transferred into my name. I was so pleased with the level of service that when it came time for me to sell the car I readvertised with Tim. Once again I was really impressed by how generous he was with his advice, including on the optimum sale price for the market, what documents I would need to have ready to complete the transfer as well as acting as my agent at the motor registry when transferring the car to the new owner while I was tied up at work. He is a trustworthy agent and really helped me to minimise the risk and fuss of buying a second-hand car in Thailand. SS, Bangkok

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